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10 Ways to Improve Your Digital Marketing


  1. Join your local Chamber of Commerce, it is a great way to network and build your professional standing.
  2. Attend community events and network, network, network!
  3. Take a professional headshot and update your professional presence to reflect your commitment to your professional persona!
  4. When meeting someone, always hand out two business cards only after you are asked for them, one for them to keep, and one for them to hand out to other professionals.
  5. Add a signature block to your outgoing e-mail that includes your name, firm name (or simply attorney at law) city, state and phone number.
  6. Send birthday and holiday cards to colleagues and clients. A simple online calendar can help you coordinate and send reminders. It works as a nice gesture and a way to build your client/professional relationships
  7. Have lunch or coffee breaks with attorneys who practice in other areas and be sure you have plenty of each other’s cards for referrals.
  8. Join a local law-referral group and attend their events. Grow your professional network and interact with fellow attorneys that could potentially help you find business in the future
  9. Create a website that optimizes your search engine results. Don’t get lost on the second page of search engines, maximize your online marketing results by understanding SEO!
  10. Update your social media and website constantly, don’t let your marketing messages become irrelevant.


*Bonus: Don’t be afraid to cross-sell. When a client’s case is complete, remind them that are handle other legal matters as well. Who know, they might need a trademark case, wills, personal injury let them know you would like to serve them or their network around them.


Written By: Manny Sarmiento

New Media New Marketing CEO


By | 7 February, 2017 |